Saturday, May 3, 2014

May Faire

 Today we went to my friend's daughter's school for its annual May Faire.
It starts with maypole dances.

I love the floral wreaths worn by the little girls.
The elementary schoolers all wear white and dance to a string sextet around the maypole, braiding the colorful ribbons. The braids get more complex with each successive grade level.

After the maypole dances, there are tables with food (samosas, chips and guacamole, pizza quesadillas - quesadillas made with mozzarella and pizza sauce), crafts, cake walk, students performing live music, an area for little ones to color and play house, and so much more. In one classroom, the high school students' art was on display, as well as the third graders' house projects. (Each third grader builds a model of a different kind of house, American tipi, French castle, Chinese houseboat, stilt house in the Philippines, etc. They were beautiful.) So, in addition to the event being a celebration and a fundraiser, it's also - like an open house - an opportunity to display student work.

For 2 tickets, my daughter painted and bejeweled this flower pot.
Playing in the treehouse

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