Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Almost 7 Weeks of Quarantine

How have we been quarantined for almost 7 weeks?

Working from home: Today, I updated my school’s website, checked into my Google Classroom, communicated with parents to remind them about the deadline to order yearbooks, emailed my rep at the yearbook company that we are trying to get verbal permission in lieu of photo releases we don’t have, made a couple of changes in the yearbook including changing one of the two instances of ‘incredible’ to ‘fantastic,’ emailed our Chromebook vendor to get a quote for 72 more devices, filled out and emailed my preference form for next year to my principal, etc.

While working from home: I made my family pancakes and eggs for breakfast, and made myself a sink full of dishes to wash.

Homeschooling: Read about the statues on Easter Island, read a passage in Matthew, listened to Gemma recite her favorite Lewis Carroll poem (Brother & Sister) about a brother who wants to cook his sister in an Irish stew, read about how the tilt of the Earth and our moon and the distance we are from the sun make life on Earth possible, practiced piano 20 minutes, did Spelling Assistant (spelling app on Kindle), read Spanish with Daddy, forgot to do typing practice - oops, did a few problems in Life of Fred Algebra.

Miscellanies: I let Gemma play the Brilliant app on my phone first thing in the morning, and watch two new Science Ninja videos. We played Catan together; Gemma got upset that I put the robber on her forest. We watched a Numberphile video about Klein bottles. I made a frozen Trader Joe’s lasagna for dinner. I ordered Mrs. Meyers geranium-scented cleaning products, as well as a 100 count glow stick ultimate party pack.

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  1. I googled "Charlotte Mason in LA" and your blog came up. I just wanted to say that it was an encouragement to me. Finding someone with similar values and perspectives in this lovely, intense corner of the world is a blessing.