Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cupcake Prep

"How much more was it going to cost to buy a cake?" my husband asked, after I had loaded up the shopping cart with the above cupcake-decorating paraphernalia.
Here's a tip for all men out there: When your wife is in a craft store on a mission, your job is to push the cart and silently nod your head in agreement while she talks to herself.

I bought fondant, fondant cutters, gel coloring, cupcake cups, candy eyes, candy melts, cupcake boxes, sugar pearls, a cardboard cupcake stand, decorating tips, decorating bags, the little plastic rings that hold the tips on the bags, and foodwriter markers.

I am determined to make adorable cupcakes for my daughter's 3rd birthday party on Saturday. She's asked for a Monsters, Inc. party, so my mom and I will be decorating four dozen cupcakes - two dozen electric green Mike Wazowskis, and two dozen electric blue and purple swirl Sulleys with frosting piped on through a "grass-effect" decorating tip.

Cupcake Wars, here we come.

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