Saturday, May 31, 2014

Handicrafts - Needle Felting

My three-year-old received a sea otter needle felting kit for her birthday three weeks ago, and this is our slow - and diligent - progress.

For those of you who have never needle felted, it's actually very easy and there is no right or perfect way of doing it which makes it a good project for little ones.

It also involves very sharp needles and stabbing, which some people might criticize me for doing with a three-year-old, but I'll continue to do it anyway, just like I let her scramble eggs at a hot stove and saute shrimp.

She is right handed, so Rule #1 is that she cannot have her left hand on top of the foam pad while she has a needle in her right hand. She can only hold one needle at a time, and when she's not stabbing, she has to put her needle into the foam.

It doesn't look like much yet, but...
"Camel" colored wool. The body is "chocolate."

See that otter? That's what we're making.
He has paws!


  1. I love this!
    My dd enjoys needle felting designs onto purses and fabric but we have never tried a 3-D model. And certainly your dd can use sharp needles. My children do all kinds of things that I know they can do regardless of the age recommendations.

  2. Wool Pets has all sorts of 3-D kits!

    And thank you for the encouragement. ;)