Monday, May 19, 2014

Stunt Ranch Reserve

My fourth graders and I went hiking at UCLA's Stunt Ranch Reserve. Our docent taught us about the Chumash Indians, and the native plants and animals. My students learned more from this one day field trip than they did reading their social studies textbook over a month. I hope you enjoy this virtual hike through the Santa Monica Mountains...

Our docent demonstrates a pump drill
A lesson in making weewish (acorn flour porridge)
Sifting acorn flour
Chia seeds taste like watermelon
Our docent pouring chia seeds into our hands
Sage - chia seeds come from its flowers
Monkey Flowers

Students make "rock paintings" using Chumash symbols.

Farewell To Spring - an indicator flower
Our docent taught us about Chumash daily life.
The Chumash made cordage out of yucca.

Golden star flowers
Our docent painted our chins with clay.
Poison Oak
Leaves of three, let it be.
The Chumash used yarrow for making medicinal tea.
The Chumash used yucca for eating (the root), making cordage, sewing, and soap.

A bluebelly lizard

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