Saturday, April 12, 2014

Preschool Handicraft: T-shirt

A year ago, a friend had a brilliant idea.  She started a weekly group for preschoolers.  Each class is an hour and a half to two hours long, and in that time, there are crafts, stories, songs, snacks, and free play. The class is in a different place, at a different time, on a different day, and hosted by a different mom (or in our case, a mom and dad duo).  Everything is communicated by email.

Each month has a theme, and the third week in the month, there is a field trip that goes along with that theme.  (For example, last month the theme was dinosaurs and the field trip was to the Natural History Museum.)

This month, the theme is art (because what preschooler doesn't LOVE art?!).  The craft yesterday was decorating t-shirts - a PERFECT craft for little ones.  Brava to the mom who planned this one.  I never would have thought to attempt this with not-yet-three-year-olds.  

Starting with XS t-shirts stretched over cardboard and secured with clothespins, the girls (it was all girls yesterday) each chose a sticker stencil.  There were dinosaurs, dachshunds, and butterflies.  Moms pressed the sticker stencils into place and the girls used little foam stencil brushes to stamp fabric paint onto their tees.

The awesome thing about this is that it doesn't matter where a child stamps, because the stencil sticker gets peeled off the next day (a minimum of four hours later).

Super cute!  My daughter will wear her shirt this afternoon to the Natural History Museum's Butterfly Pavilion.

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