Thursday, April 10, 2014

Literature for Grades 4 through 6

-Plutarch's Lives (1 per term)
-Kipling's The Jungle Book
-Shakespeare (one play per term) Plays listed include Henry VIII, The Tempest, Julius Caesar...
-The Pilgrim's Progress* (The publisher listed is Partridge. I found a copy published by Partridge in 1888, and it has illustrations by Frederick Barnard and the Dalziel Brothers. There is a copy available on Amazon listed as The Pilgrim's Progress: Both Parts and with the Origin Illustrations. The description says that the illustrations in this book are by Barnard and were engraved by the Dalziel Brothers.)  *For lots of resources to be used with The Pilgrim's Progress, visit Ambleside Online's website.
-The British Empire
-Northern Europe
-A First History of France (or The Story of France)
-The Household of Sir Thomas Moore
-A Social Life in England Through the Centuries
-The Great War
-Round the Empire
-The Ambleside Geography Books
-Lays of Ancient Rome
-Age of Fable (Bullfinch)
-Children of the New Forest
-Kingsley's Water Babies (6.9 grade level, 1070 lexile, now HIGHLY controversial and not included on Ambleside's booklists)
-Poetry by Tennyson, Longfellow, Robert Southey (ballads)...
-The Adventures of Beowulf (by Marshall)
-The Fairy-land of Science (by Arabella Buckley)

These are SOME of the books listed on the original curriculum outlines for Charlotte Mason schools.

I am typing this post on my phone, since my laptop keyboard has decided not to cooperate. I will hopefully be able to add links tomorrow.

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