Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kite Flying

Yesterday was sooo windy. While Mommy made dinner, Daddy took Miss Almost-Three down to a grassy area at the beach to fly her Spiderman kite.

(Can I just share what a great day yesterday was? First, my husband surprised me by making breakfast. He only makes one thing, and that's fine by me because I love the one thing he makes: chorizo and egg burritos. Then, Miss Almost-Three and I walked down to the beach to check out a professional sandcastle competition. The aquarium was giving out sand pails and large shovels. She played with crabs and dug in the sand to her heart's content. We walked to the Promenade for gelato, bought a birthday present for her friend, shared a large slice of pepperoni pizza - life is uncertain, eat dessert first - and played in the food court's play area. When we got home, three of our butterflies had emerged from their chrysalides. Miss Almost-Three asked me to read her the story about "the mommy that washes the cats' faces and brushes their whiskers and then they wear clothes and take the clothes off." The Tale of Tom Kitten. This is when Daddy came home with a kite. After dinner, Miss Almost-Three finished painting her build-your-own-birdhouse kit and had a bubble bath. How lovely is that?)

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