Sunday, April 6, 2014

Field Trip - Puppetfest Parade

Living in L.A., there are all sorts of wacky events.  Today was L.A. Puppetfest's Million Puppet Parade.  A friend forwarded us the link to the event's website, but I didn't read closely.  We showed up in time to watch the parade.  I hadn't realized we were going to be IN the parade.  We had come puppet-less, but Puppetfest was selling (very well-made) muppet-ish hand puppets for $20.  You can't very well walk in a puppet parade without a puppet, so I forked over a Jackson to support... puppets.  My daughter chose a purple puppet with red feather eyelashes, and we marched alongside a stilt-walker, Super Grover, and an ostrich.

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