Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blocking The Tempest

My fourth grade class began blocking our adaptation of The Tempest.  I was able to reserve the cafeteria/ auditorium/ cafetorium today, so we could practice entrances and exits, where students will deliver their lines, and how to "magically" change Miranda #1 to Miranda #2 and so on and so on.

(To make sure all 33 students got a part, a part they were excited to have and a part they could play well, I worked it out so that we have 5 Prosperos, 4 Mirandas, and 2 Calibans.  I also have a group of students with minor roles who double as spirits.  For example, the spirits enter, stand in front of Miranda #1, and when the spirits exit - viola! Miranda #2 is onstage.)

I have spirits stomping around like elephants, a Prospero who won't get near Ariel because she's a girl, a Gonzalo who keeps emphasizing the wrong word in an important line, and a Miranda no one can hear, and various students entering and exiting by rolling under the stage curtains.

It was all pretty funny.

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