Thursday, July 23, 2015

Vacation Bible School: Night #3

Here is a recap of Night #3 of Vacation Bible School: Journey Off the Map. The Frogs started with music...
 ...and then made these cute campfire magnets in crafts:
  • orange and yellow craft foam (pre-cut into flame shapes, orange flame larger than yellow)
  • two craft sticks
  • Sharpie marker
  • white glue
  • brown pipe cleaner/chenille stem (cut in half) (this is the marshmallow roasting stick)
  • small white pom pom (this is the marshmallow) (I think these measured .5")
  • magnet (and hot glue gun)
Then the Frogs played outside. Here they are playing Duck Duck Goose. After that, they got their choice of a ball or bubbles. It was a breezy 93 degrees.
For snack, they made s'mores with graham crackers, chocolate frosting, marshmallow fluff, rainbow sprinkles. The Frogs loved being able to spread their own marshmallow fluff and put on their own sprinkles.
 Yes, this treat is loaded with sugar, but it's vacation. :)

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