Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Field Trip: Dodgers Stadium

Tonight we went to the Dodgers vs. Phillies game. It was our four year old's first baseball game, and she had a blast.
Posing with a giant bobble head doll
Eating cotton candy for the first time

Hello Kitty threw out the first pitch.
It was Japan Night and Hello Kitty Plush Night, which meant that there was taiko drumming and Hideo Nomo was in attendance and the first 40,000 fans got Hello Kitty dolls wearing Dodgers uniforms.
Kershaw pitched, which was something my husband's been wanting to see for a long while now, Daughter learned some baseball terminology and did some math, we got to see some home runs, and the Dodgers won 5-0, which is the score they had when we left at the bottom of the 6th. (Daughter was so sleepy.)

And it was a good thing that we left when we did, because we forgot where we parked our car and spent at least thirty minutes walking through various parking lots, past other people saying, "But I was sure it was right around here somewhere..."

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