Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Vacation Bible School: Night #2

Last night was the second night of Vacation Bible School. The theme for VBS is Journey Off the Map, and here are the kindergarteners (the Frogs) singing and dancing.
For their craft last night, they made dragonfly clip magnets.
They each used a clothespin, two wooden spoons (the kind you use to eat ice cream cups), white glue, markers, two googly eyes, and some sequins.
My daughter's favorite color is green, so guess what color she made her dragonfly?
So cute.

The adults hot glued magnets to the undersides of the dragonflies, and the Frogs went out to play.
Look at that sky.

I'm not sure what the temperature was at 7 pm, when the Frogs were outside, but at one point (midday), my stepdad looked at the digital thermometer and announced it was 100 degrees. It was 93 degrees when we got home at 8:30 pm.

All that is to say that it was HOT. The Frogs were playing a cross between soccer and keep-away, running hard for 30 minutes. My daughter had already spent 2 1/2 hours swimming in the pool with her cousins, and 30 minutes dancing, so she was worn out.
For snack, they ate fruit-filled ice cream cones (strawberries, apples, and bananas), and hydrated with lemonade.

Then they had their lesson about Daniel.

My daughter was too tired to even sit up, so we left before the closing. Hopefully tonight she'll be able to make it through the evening.

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