Monday, July 20, 2015

Sunday: Trains, Games, Strawberry Pizza, and Horses in the Front Yard

Daddy stayed in Santa Monica, but Daughter and I took a train trip to visit family. This is Daughter standing in the middle of Los Angeles' Union Station.
She loved the train ride. I made a point of not even sitting in our coach seats and going straight to the dining car. I let her order whatever she wanted (pizza, an apple, lemonade, and - for dessert - a chocolate chip cookie the size of her head). Mommy got a cinnamon roll and a coffee. We dined and watched farmland pass by.
 Here she is in line for her dessert.
My dad picked us up from the train station and we went to his house. At one point, my stepmom called out that there were horses in the front yard. They live in the city, so this was an oddity. The horse owner picked Daughter up and set her on his horse, Muneca (Spanish for Doll).
My stepmom made strawberry pizza - yum! - for my dad's birthday.
My aunt and uncle and cousin came over, and brought presents for Daughter. Bubbles - always fun - and a game called Some Body that has adhesive vinyl body parts that stick onto a human body. My four year old loves anatomy, so this was a BIG hit.

How was your Sunday? :)