Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tea Time with Preschoolers

 The highlight of our day today was tea at Ye Olde King's Head.
How cool is this room?!
My daughter chose to sit under the portrait of Richard II. The tearoom is decorated with portraits of English kings, and their biographies. While we were waiting for our friends to join us, alone in the tearoom, I kept my daughter entertained by reading her the walls.
The wee ones can have Princess Tea, with herbal cranberry raspberry tea. (They also serve strawberry mango tea. Both are decaf and made by Twinings.)
She liked it (and she liked using tongs to put a lump of sugar into her cup). We also added several ice cubes.
She was very excited about the United Kingdom flag stuck in her sausage roll.

The service at Ye Olde King's Head is EXCELLENT. Ask for Christine. She's wonderful.

Finger Sandwiches at Home:
  • Our sandwiches had three pieces of bread, with two layers of fillings.
  • Tomato/Mozzarella: 3 pieces of wheat bread, thinly sliced tomato, thinly sliced mozzarella, mayonnaise, pesto, fresh basil leaves. Mix a little pesto with a little bit of mayonnaise. Spread a very thin layer of your pesto mayonnaise on your bread. One filling layer should be tomato and mozzarella, and the second filling layer should be a single layer of fresh basil leaves.
  • Egg/Watercress: 3 pieces of white bread, hard-boiled egg, salad cream (Heinz Salad Cream is available at specialty shops, tangy, a bit like Miracle Whip, but I'm not a Miracle Whip fan and I like this), watercress. Mash the hard-boiled egg and mix with some salad cream. One filling layer should be egg, and the second layer should be a single layer of fresh watercress leaves. (Spread a very thin layer of salad cream on the bread sandwiching the watercress.)
  • Curried chicken salad: 3 pieces of white bread, curried chicken salad (pre-made from Trader Joe's), (Martha Stewart butters her bread). 2 filling layers of curried chicken salad.
  • Why not make a PBJ like this? 3 pieces of bread, one filling layer of peanut butter, one filling layer of jelly. ;)
  • Don't over-stuff your sandwiches. Think "dainty" when spreading on the fillings.
  • Cut off crusts with a serrated knife after making the sandwiches.
  • Our sandwiches were two fingers wide. :)

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