Monday, June 29, 2015

Preschool Geography Lesson: Oceans

Our home(pre)school co-op met today to learn about the world's oceans. Mom T put together an absolutely awesome lesson.

She used two books:

The cool thing about these books is that they show the actual size of each animal. You can see this in the photo of the jellyfish at the top of this post. For large animals (like dolphins), the book shows parts of the animals.

To begin, Mom T taped maps to the picnic table (preschool life hack!).
Then she taped plastic cups filled with cut-out sea creatures to the table.
Next, she showed pictures of animals and explained where they live. It was such a brilliant way to teach little ones geography.

 Here are more animals we added to our maps:

 My four year old coloring her map:
Aren't those dugongs cute? :)

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