Sunday, June 14, 2015

First Swim Lesson

Yesterday was my four year old's first swim class, and look at the smile on her face!

She is in the Tadpole group, the beginners, and, at four, she's one of the oldest students in her class. Her class meets in the shallow end of the pool, where the little ones can stand up with their heads above water.

First, they learned how to get into the pool. Then the two instructors poured a little water on the students' heads, which caused the two youngest students to cry and scream and try to climb out of the pool.

Prior to yesterday, I wondered if we should have started lessons earlier. Everyone else was doing it. But after I saw the two little ones reactions, I'm glad my daughter is starting swim lessons at four, when she's excited to learn how to swim, and when she's had two years of listening to ballet teachers under her belt.

They practiced blowing bubbles in the water and putting their faces in the water. The instructors asked them if they could go under, but my daughter wasn't ready to go completely under on purpose. She accidentally went under quite a few times.
 Next, they worked on kicking. Straighten those arms! Superman position!
I love the picture in the lower left corner. Look at that concentration!
Finally, they worked on arms.
See you next week, pool!

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