Saturday, June 20, 2015

Grapevine Stick-Figuring

Our Grapevine Stick-Figuring curriculum arrived last week. We completed the first lesson the day before yesterday, and did half of the second lesson this morning.

We're starting with Creation to Babel, and using the Traceable version. I ordered one student book and one teacher's book. I didn't realize until I received them in the mail, that the "books" aren't actually bound. I thought they were like coloring books, but they're not. They're hole-punched pages, so you need to put each "book" in a binder.

To keep everything together, I put our student pages and our teacher pages in one binder, with the student pages at the front and the teacher pages at the back.

If you look at the photo above, you can see that there are four boxes, and in each box, there is a passage listed. For example, in the second box, the passage is Genesis 1:1-5. So, for the second box, I read that passage to my daughter, and then she traced the "stick figures" with crayons.

The Grapevine curriculum uses 8 colors (red, blue, purple, green, yellow, black, brown, and orange), and everything is colored specific colors

I can see how some people would like dividing this into five lessons, doing one box a day Monday through Thursday, and then doing the Lesson Review on Friday.

I like to work as long as my daughter is attentive, so, as I said earlier, we completed the first lesson all in one sitting. It was new. She was excited. During the second lesson, I actually let her do some of the Bible reading herself, so it took longer, and that's why we only completed half of it.

I thought it was cool that by the second lesson, she showed an understanding of book, chapter, and verse. I was also impressed at how much she was able to read on her own. (We're not using a KJV yet; we're doing NIV right now.)

More on Grapevine later...

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