Saturday, June 6, 2015

Game Review: The Cat in the Hat "I Can Do That!"

The Cat in the Hat "I Can Do That!" game is fun for the whole family. My daughter was given this game for her birthday last month, and she asks to play it daily.
The yellow noodley thing is called a Trick-a-ma-stick, and players are required to do all sorts of things with it, such as tiptoe around it, walk around it backwards, step over it, and...
 ...slide under it.
But that is not all. No that is not all.

There are three piles of cards. One pile has all of the cards telling you what you have to do with the trick-a-ma-stick. The second pile tells you what prop to use (all props from the book The Cat in the Hat, such as Mother's new gown, the fish, a book, a fan, a bent rake, a toy man, a boat, a ball...)

You can adapt this game for your family. For example, we don't play for points (you can, if you choose, keep score by counting the stars on each card - the combo above would be worth 9 points).

We also don't require a prop to be balanced on the player's head. It can be held in place.

Finally, we take all of the STOP cards out, because...
...when you're having this much fun, who wants to stop?!

(See, I told you. Fun for the whole family. That's Grandma crawling around the Trick-a-ma-stick with her prop under her chin.)


  1. It looks like so much fun. We need to try it.

    1. It really is, Eva! You can't help but laugh. I forgot to mention that we like to call out, "I CAN DO THAT!" after we complete a turn. It's not required, but it adds to the silliness. ;)