Tuesday, May 5, 2015

No TV: Day 3

My daughter is singing to herself, and dropping pebbles through the holes in the patio table. I'm not sure why she's doing this, but I'm happy she is.

We're on Day 3 of no TV, and so far, it has dramatically improved her behavior. I think she understands that Dad and Mom are not backing down on this one, or on anything. There's no negotiating. We're in charge.

Today was home(pre)school co-op, ballet, and grocery shopping. After dinner, she and I played soccer and catch on the patio. We finished sewing her hootiful owl. She did a page of Spanish (clothing, translating sentences like El vestido es rojo, and Los calcetines son amarillos). She "played" piano, did a puzzle, and read a Leap Frog book with her Tag reader.

Day Four, here we come...

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  1. Keep it up. Eliminating TV greatly reduces negativity and increases creativity. It won't take very long until the tv is totally forgotten.