Friday, May 29, 2015

May Catch-all

 1. Using her Leapfrog Tag pen to read Mr. Pencil
2. My daughter found a bag of highlighters in our office supply drawer. She wanted to use them. I explained that they weren't markers, they were highlighters, and that they weren't for coloring, they were for highlighting text. "Mom, can I have some text to highlight?" I found her some pages that called for circling answers, and told her she could highlight instead.
3. Putting this puzzle together again. As we put the pieces in, I read her the capitals. "Mom, did Dorothy live in Topeka?"
 4. While I was making dinner, she showed me a page she had done on her own, while I was at work. We haven't done any formal handwriting instruction yet, and her letter formation reflects that, but I looked closely and saw that she got them all right!
5. We found this skeleton on our walk. "Maybe someone ate its skin."
6. I trapped a house centipede under a glass in the kitchen sink. I was horribly scared of it. Those things are so fast. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, they can move 16 inches per second! I named it Randall after a many-legged character (voiced by Steve Buscemi) in Monsters, Inc. And then I caught a second one. My daughter named the second one Mister Randall. We kept them for a week, feeding them instant oatmeal (pumpkin flavored, in case you were wondering) and apple slices, and then released them. House centipedes are insectivores. They eat pests like spiders, silverfish, cockroaches, and termites. Also, they can "abandon" legs. I thought I had injured the first Randall when I trapped him, cutting off one of his legs, but thankfully, no. If you want to read some more fascinating facts about house centipedes, read this.

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