Friday, May 1, 2015

TGIF: Bloody Mary, Blood, and How to Opt Out of Common Core Testing

  1.  I'm so glad it's Friday. You have no idea. Tuesday, four of my male students were caught playing in the girls' restroom by the science lab teacher. They were playing "Bloody Mary" with eight of the girls. And after all the finger pointing, it was revealed that they had been playing "Bloody Mary" on Monday as well. This is upsetting on so many levels. Where do I even start? First, some of my students have been taught to believe in ghosts, and their fear of ghosts banishes all confidence in a higher power. Second, knowledge of which students are scared of ghosts is fuel to the bully-students. Third, boys in the girls restroom. Fourth, two days in a row. Fifth, 43% of my class was involved and no one stood up for what was right; they were cowards. Sixth, 43% of my class knew what was going on was wrong and didn't tell an adult; they lied. So, Tuesday, I spent an hour and fifteen minutes calling 12 very supportive parents to inform them of what had happened. That night, lots of kids got electronics taken away. I have not been popular this week. One of my students even yelled at me, "Why can't you go back to being nice like you were at the beginning of the year?!"
  2. One of my students got a nosebleed in class and got blood on a desk, the floor, and another student's lunch bag. (No one tells you in Teacher School about the bodily fluids, and you will have close encounters with all of them. All of them. ALL of them.)
  3. We had our third week of Common Core testing. Third week. THIRD. Parents need to see the testing process (3 weeks, four days a week, sessions lasting between an hour and fifteen minutes to two hours) and know they have the right to opt their kids out of testing. OPT OUT. Here is a link to an OPT OUT form California parents can use.


  1. Wow, sounds like a not very good week. :( Hope things get better for you next week!