Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Great Groovini and his lovely first matey

I've posted pictures of the splendiferous mermaid cake my mom made for my daughter's 4th birthday, but I have to post this picture before the weekend ends and I have to be back in work mode.

My dad, a magician (among other things), came out of retirement to perform for the party. He was so awesome. The party had a mermaid/magic/groovy shirt theme, so Dad wore his tie dyed shirt and performed under the name "The Great Groovini." He did coin tricks, card tricks, tricks with soda bottles. He poured green paint from an empty can. He made green glitter come out of my daughter's ear. And he was hilarious. He had all of the grown ups laughing, and all of the preschoolers oohing and ahhing.

My friend Orianna did face painting (amazing!) and made me up as a pirate, so I was Dad's lovely first matey.

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