Sunday, May 3, 2015

No TV: Day 1

This morning, I got tired of my almost four year old crossing her arms and sighing, as of she were doing a preschool version of My So-Called Life. So I told her no more TV. She doesn't go to preschool, so I can't blame this on school. I blame it on PBS. I blame Arthur and Word Girl. And me. I blame me.

I would have loved to have been all crunchy and TV-free from the get-go, but we weren't. 

But today, TV-free, she played outside, sat in an upturned patio table talking to herself, tied a jump rope to a boogie board rope and threw it on top of the roof of the little structure that houses our washer and dryer, did puzzles, painted a picture, read along to books-on-tape, played a spelling game, sewed sewing cards, etc.

Day One.


  1. I am always amazed how much creativity would emerge with the TV off.

  2. If you took video of her doing all this wonderful stuff and then played it back to her would that count as TV?

    1. Ha ha ha! Nope. I don't think it would. ;)