Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Handicrafts: Hootiful Owl Sewing Kit

I love this kit. It's made for ages 6 to 10, but I bought it for my 3 year old to do with my help. It has a plastic needle - which I think is awesome! No risk of poking tiny fingers. Plus, the eye of the needle is HUGE, so it's easy to thread. Another plus - the owl has pre-punched holes, so it's similar to a sewing card. The only things this kit doesn't come with are scissors and batting (to fill the owl). We have both, so that was no problem. We've had two sewing sessions (we sewed on the tummy, and the wings), and I anticipate we will need another two to complete our hootiful friend.


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    1. Hi John, your sewing machine site it great! So informative! (I have a Brother CE-5000PRW and I love it.) Maybe try asking your readers questions at the end of posts? But I agree with you about not wanting to be first. Also, sometimes when posts are long, and people are looking for information about one specific thing within the post, they maybe don't read the entire post.