Monday, January 19, 2015

Field Trip: L.A. Zoo

Today at the zoo we got to see a baby joey moving around in its mommy's pouch! A man standing at the fence said he'd been watching for half an hour and hadn't seen the joey come out, but he'd gotten to see what you'll see in this video - which I think is so cool - the joey sticking its leg out, pulling it in, and sticking it out again. Then the mama gets up and you can see how big and heavy her baby is; look at her pouch.
We also got to see a baby hippo!
Mommy hippo and baby hippo
An armadillo up-close
We also got to see an armadillo. It was so cute. I didn't know until today that an armadillo walks on its claws! It looks like an insect the way that it walks. It was fascinating...

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