Saturday, January 31, 2015

We Live Here

This is you at 3 years 8 months. I let you have ice cream for lunch.

Today is Saturday, so I didn't have to work. Yesterday it rained, but today was glorious. That always happens. Rainy weekdays and clear skies for the tourists on Saturdays. We walked to the beach and it was too warm for the sweatshirt I'd dressed you in, so I ended up holding it for four hours.

You like walking on this wall, being up high.

We stopped at the grassy area where the acro-yogis practice, and you tried to do what they were doing. Daddy hadn't known we were going to the beach when he left on his bike ride, so when he rode up, it was a surprise.

You made friends with an acro-yogi named Jason.

You wanted to play at the playground, so you did. You see the swings? We swung on those together. I was on the left, and you were on the right. You're learning to pump your legs. This is you on the balance beam. You have excellent balance.
The aquarium didn't open until 12:30, so we rode the carousel...
...and ate ice cream. I had chocolate-dipped strawberry and you chose vanilla. I was surprised. You usually choose chocolate.
After our ice cream lunch, we went downstairs to the aquarium and we took turns kissing a sea cucumber. The volunteer said it gives you seven years of good luck. That's not why I did it. I've never kissed a sea cucumber. That's why I did it. And after I had done it without any hesitation, you did too.
The volunteer also said that sea cucumbers defend themselves by shooting their internal organs out of their bottoms. They grow back. Here's what they look like...
We spent two hours in the aquarium. You sat up close for storytime. You were concerned because water was dripping off the live sea animals onto the rug.
Here you are looking at a lobster shell with the camera magnifier.
When you saw this picture, you said, "There I am being a scientist."

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