Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Just a smidgen of what we did the past week...

Practicing her moves before class.
My daughter's class is learning their dance for the June recital. The dance goes something like this: diamond, diamond, pick up the flowers and let them fall, diamond, diamond, pick up the flowers and let them fall, Anna, Elsa, and then there's a turn, and then the strawberries come forward (my daughter is a strawberry, while her friend Brookey is a blueberry), then the blueberries come forward...
Yesterday we had our home(pre)school group lesson about measurement. That's Brookey's mommy reading Leo Lionni's Inch by Inch. She showed the kids a measuring tape, a tape measure, and gave them each a ruler, and then we measured printouts of the birds in the Lionni book (a flamingo's neck, a toucan's beak, etc.). For snack, she made some crescent roll worms, and some dirt cups with gummy worms. But these were gourmet dirt cups. She used coconut milk for the chocolate pudding (homemade), and coconut milk chocolate whipped cream, and - of course - crushed chocolate cookies.
Saturday night, we started some rock candy. We poured 2 1/2 cups of sugar - that's a whole lotta sugar - into a bowl, and one cup of water. I microwaved, stirred, microwaved, stirred, microwaved, and stirred. When all the sugar had dissolved, we dipped the popsicle sticks into the syrup and let them dry for 30 minutes on a plate. This was so seed crystals could form. I poured half of the syrup in one glass and half in another glass. Then I colored one with red food coloring, and one with blue food coloring. I poked a hole in a plastic lid, stuck the popsicle stick through the hole, then stuck the popsicle stick into the red syrup.This is to keep the syrup covered and the stick in place. Then I did the same for the other stick and put it in the blue syrup.

 This is what they looked like the next day.

Look at that sky. And the weather forecast said it was supposed to rain.
Last week, we made the no-guilt brownies from Trader Joe's. (Just add vanilla yogurt.) Chocolate is my daughter's favorite food group.

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