Friday, March 20, 2015

Make a Splash 120 Mat Floor Game

This game, from Learning Resources, has inflatable dice. The way we were playing, my daughter rolled the blue dice and found her number on the mat. In the picture above, she rolled 4 and 3 and then put the t-shaped frame on the mat with the number 43 in the center of the frame. Then she rolled the orange die. The orange die has -10 (look at the square above your number), +10 (look at the number below your number), +1 (look right), and -1 (look left).

Other info:
  • You have to inflate the dice each time you play (if you want to pack everything back in the box). 
  • Re-folding the mat reminded me of folding a road map - at which I am so completely terrible. I have an irrational fear of road-map-folding. I did figure it out. I didn't enjoy it. 
  • If a die gets a hole, the box includes a tiny adhesive piece to patch it up.
  • Static: every little speck clings to the mat. Vacuum the floor before playing.
That said, my daughter loved this.

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