Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A first...

Yesterday afternoon, my 3 year old and I were in the checkout line at Trader Joe's. Next to us, there were two little girls who were maybe 4 or 5. My daughter thinks that any child her age is a friend, and fortunately these little girls did too. My daughter was wearing her tutu because she'd just gotten done with dance class, and the girls had balloons because they'd gotten them at Spanish class. So there they were chatting away and then I heard this come out of my daughter's mouth, "Oh, I'm homeschooled. And I go to dance class, and Church Mice, and Little Explorers." I was so surprised because she's never explained this to anyone before. It's always me explaining to adults. I used to wonder what she was going to feel about other children going to school, and about her schooling happening at home. She was so matter-of-fact and happy. They all kept chatting and sucking on the lollipops they'd gotten for finding the store's hidden mascot. It was lovely.

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