Thursday, March 5, 2015

Classical Conversations and Charlotte Mason

Tonight I met with the director of the local Classical Conversations group for the required "Informational Meeting." She was very sweet and I liked her immediately.

My 12 year old cousin is homeschooled, and my aunt and uncle have been part of a CC community for the past 7 years. I've always been impressed by what my cousin has gotten out of CC, and the way my aunt and uncle have talked about CC. The idea of CC for my own child (even before I had a child) has always been at the back of my mind.

But then I found Charlotte Mason. Of all the homeschooling philosophies out there, she's my girl. And I've got to say, sitting there tonight, talking to the CC director, I realized how silly homeschoolers must sound when we talk "philosophy." Oh yes, I'm a classical/eclectic. I'm a CMer. I'm a little unschooly... What must the woman sitting next to us at Starbucks have thought?! She must have wished she had earplugs! It made me think of the beginning of Mere Christianity when C.S. Lewis uses the metaphor of the hall and rooms, but there in Starbucks, the hall was homeschooling, and the rooms were various homeschooling "denominations."

Is there a room for CC/CM? A room for CMers who do CC?

How do CMers stay true to Charlotte, while CCing? Your thoughts?


  1. We've been CCers for the past six years. I'm actually just now finishing up my third year as director and moving on. I will continue to be the Essentials tutor. My oldest has thrived with learning all the memory work and we have used its curriculum as our spine. We read living books that go along with the cycles and do our own nature study and journaling. But my younger daughter needs a change. I have just started year 3 term 1 of Ambleside online with her. We will continue with CC but will just use as the memory work part of our curriculum. CC has definitely exposed us to information we wouldn't have gotten to on our own. I also started blogging if you're interested.

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