Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday in Topanga

Brunch at Canyon Bistro. Gluten-free pancakes. We like our gluten, but these were delicious.

Mine: vegan chili over over-easy eggs on corn tortillas, melted cheddar, creme fraiche. Yum.
My friend, Anita, is on the board for Theatricum Botanicum, a fabulous outdoor theatre in the woods. This morning, we had brunch at Canyon Bistro in Topanga, and then went to the theatre to see a group of public school 10th graders perform some Macbeth.

Here is a quote from the email advertising the event:

"For 6 classroom sessions, 75 sophomores from Los Angeles Leadership Academy High School in Montecito Heights interpreted and staged scenes from Shakespeare's Macbeth - scenes that spoke personally to them. On Saturday, these talented young people will perform their scenes on the mainstage of Theatricum. LA Leadership Academy High School students are predominantly Latino, mostly low-income, and 100% determined to excel." 

It was awesome. I was so impressed by the respect the students showed each other, the fun they had with Shakespeare, the way the principal of their high school was so supportive of the program and enthusiastic, the enthusiasm of the actors from Theatricum who worked with the students, the support shown by all the families in the audience, and the students' out-of-the-box teacher.

It was inspiring. I needed it. I got teary-eyed during the first act. That is what public school should be.

Check out this moth we saw at the Canyon Bistro!
It's a Ceonothus Silkmoth.
A Western Fence lizard

With Anita, at the entrance to the theatre
Peeking backstage. You can do that when you're three.

Under the stage. (Note the stage's trapdoor.)

Dancing on Theatricum's main stage
A walk in the woods with Anita

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