Thursday, February 26, 2015

When the cat's away, the mice will read Macbeth...

  1. I feel overwhelmed. I have report cards due tomorrow. Not done yet. I have a door that needs decorating - tomorrow - for Dr. Seuss Week. I need to plan for next week. Monday morning is Green Eggs and Ham Day; do I bake green eggs and ham again this year? Fox in Socks Day is Tuesday; where is my copy of Fox in Socks? I have an IEP meeting tomorrow morning, and parent conferences are next week...
  2. I'm reading aloud Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to my daughter. This is our morning commute read. We are a one-car family, so Daddy drives me to work, and I read, and Daughter has a breakfast of something like chocolate milk and cheese crackers. We just finished the chapter in which Veruca Salt and her parents go down the chute in the Nut Room. She saw the movie first (Gene Wilder version) and loves the book.
  3. Daughter pulled everything out of the cabinet this afternoon, trying to find out what items had calcium.
  4.  Then, she drew a pirate ship with a skull and crossbones flag and a "guy" eating an ice cream cone and a popsicle AT THE SAME TIME!!! (she was so excited by this idea) with sidewalk chalk.
  5. I didn't teach math today. All three of the administrators at my school were out today, so I co-opted the iPad lab - no one else was using it - and my fourth graders spent the day reading along to a Librivox recording of Macbeth.

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