Saturday, February 21, 2015

Imaginary Play

Last night and this morning, my daughter played "shop." Last night, her shop only sold patterns - Unifix cube patterns. These were quite expensive. The first one I purchased with invisible imaginary money was priced $90. The second one cost me $1,000. Because I have lots and lots of invisible imaginary money in my pajama pants' pockets, I was able to buy two additional patterns for $2,000 and $3,000. This morning, Daughter invited me into her shop, which now sold food, books, pets, and patterns. The health inspector has yet to visit this shop. "Would you like a bunny, a monkey, or a leopard?" I went the traditional pet route and bought a bunny. The foods were "cups" of colorful animal shaped beads from our craft supplies, and the cups were upside down Duplo blocks. Daughter explained that I had my choice of banana cream pie or chocolate chip roast beast, so naturally I chose the chocolate chip roast beast. It was only $40. Good thing, because I have yet to visit the invisible imaginary ATM.

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