Thursday, February 12, 2015

First Gumball

Yesterday after work, my husband dropped my daughter and me off at the Promenade to get her new Crocs. Children's feet grow so fast!!! Daughter chose purple Crocs, and two charms. (I told her she could either get a pair of "fancy" Crocs and no charms, or a pair of basic Crocs with two charms.) She chose a Dora the Explorer for one shoe and a Boots (Dora's monkey) for the other. Then, we got dipped cones from McDonalds for the walk home. It was 81 degrees yesterday, so the dipped cones were a really bad idea on my part. One ended up on the ground, and some pigeons flew over to snack on some chocolate shell pieces. I picked it up with a stack of napkins. The other cone dripped all over the place. We shared it.

And then we passed a gumball machine filled with big gumballs. "I've never had a gumball before," said my chocolate covered three year old.

So what do I do? I bought us each a gumball, and we strolled and chewed our way home, my daughter swinging the bag with her new shoes and me blowing bubbles. It was lovely.

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