Thursday, June 26, 2014


The theme for VBS this summer is Workshop of Wonders. Every morning this week, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., I've been attending Vacation Bible School with my three-year-old. (We've never done drop off, and a group of preschoolers can always use an extra grown-up to blow up balloons or assemble a curvy swervy race car ramp.) These pictures show some of what my three-year-old has been up to this week (and why I've been way too worn out to blog).

Thursday was Slide and Snow Cone Day!
Playing "Make Me an Instrument" in Music Class
In the sanctuary, talking to the puppet mascot (an ant named Rivet)
Walking home after VBS through the Wednesday Farmers' Market with a blue sky painted on her forehead - it's what she asked for. Also, it was Crazy Hair Day, so she has half a dozen little pony tails. (She ate that entire basket of raspberries.)
Tuesday's snack was fresh fruit in a waffle cone, topped with whipped cream. It was Color Day, and the preschoolers are the blue group.
Planting seeds in plastic cup terrariums in Science Class
Making a sand angel

Playing dress-up


Though we only live a mile from the church, it takes us two hours to walk home. We stop at the mall's food court for lunch and play-time in the play area. Then, she gets to walk around the Disney Store for exactly three minutes (when my phone's timer goes off, it's time to go). We continue on to the court house because there's a fountain filled with lily pads and seagulls, and it has a shallow water feature that little ones can splash in. The last leg of our journey involves stopping at the civic center's covered walkway and calling out "Echo!" until we are satisfied with the quality of our echoes.

You would think she would need a nap after all that - Mommy sure does - but napping is so last week.