Friday, June 6, 2014

My Favorite Referral to the Nurse This Year

Are you able to read this? Back on May 7th, I sent a student to the school nurse because he had a "wheel in nose."

In case you have a hard time deciphering the nurse's writing, here is what it says:
Small wheel in [left] nostril. 
Unable to remove. 
Parent called. 
Home w/mom.
Curious as to what kind of wheel fits up a nostril? It was one of those tires off a miniature skateboard, and the student thought it would be funny if he shot the tire out of his nose by covering the other nostril and blowing. As you can see from the referral, it didn't work.


  1. My then 2 year old stuck a Lego up her nose. Not fun, had to take her to the emergency room...not fun! Did I say

    1. :(
      I'm so sorry!

      Thankfully, my daughter hasn't ever stuck anything up her nose. And hopefully she never will.

      One of my aunts said that when my cousin - now married with two little ones of her own - was two years old, she put a Lego gold coin up her nose, explaining that it was a cave and pirates had hidden their gold there. ;)