Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Amelia Bedelia

 As a little girl, I loved the original Amelia Bedelia books. A couple of days ago, our neighbor gave my three-year-old a set of Amelia Bedelia books - three featuring the adult Amelia I had grown up with, and three featuring a little girl Amelia. The little girl Amelia books are Level 1 in the I Can Read! series, while the adult Amelia books are Level 2.

There are two things I like about these books. First, they're sweet. Some characters marketed to children whine, pout, and roll their eyes, but not Amelia. Amelia is an optimist who respects grown-ups and looks for solutions to problems.

Second, these books teach figurative language. My daughter was especially interested in a picture illustrating the idea of being "torn between two choices." I explained as best I could, and the next day, when she was "reading" to herself on the bed, and I heard her say, "Amelia is imagining she's paper." Yes, she is.

If you're looking for books for your Year 0/pre-1st daughter, I highly recommend little Amelia Bedelia.

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  1. I kept wondering about this series. I wasn't sure if it was considered babble. Thanks for the recommendation!