Monday, June 2, 2014

More Afterschooling Ideas

Yesterday, I posted about Charlotte Mason Afterschooling. Today, here are three more ways to supplement your child's public school education...

Read bedtime stories. When I was little, my mom read to my brother and me all through elementary school. She read one Bible story and one chapter from a classic. (Every four weeks, a leather-bound book with gold-edged pages and a sewn-in satin ribbon arrived in the mail from Easton Press.) Some parents stop reading bedtime stories to their children once their children can read independently. Don't. Read a story from the King James Version of the Bible. Read a couple of poems by the same poet. Read a classic like Alice in Wonderland or The Jungle Book. Read a story version of a play by Shakespeare (adapted by Nesbit or Lamb). Just read.

Have one night a week be Foreign Language night. Check out Mango Languages (available free from the public library), or DuoLingo (super super fun!). During the week, incorporate new vocabulary and speak French-lish, or Span-glish, or whatever "-lish" you've chosen.

Make one night a week be handicraft night. A very simple way to start could be a weekly origami project. Or cook together. Make one new recipe. It doesn't have to be a whole meal; it can be a side dish.

How do you afterschool?