Monday, June 9, 2014

Tortilla Face

A fun preschool dinner your child can make

To make a tortilla face, you need 1 tortilla, a cherry tomato, refried beans, whole beans, olives, an orange (not pictured), and shredded cheese.
Your child can spread refried beans on a tortilla.
Let your child make bean eyebrows and bean smile.
This is where she got the idea.
Add sliced olives for eyes, a halved cherry tomato for a nose, and shredded cheese for hair. Microwave for one minute (my daughter didn't want to do this step). Add orange slices for ears. (You can add salsa or avocado, or both, if you like.)

In the end, my daughter ate the hair, the eyes, and the parts of the tortilla that weren't beany. I tried to get her to take a tiny taste of the other ingredients, but the only "new" food I could get her to taste (and by "taste" I mean lick) was an orange slice. So... it was a SUCCESS!