Friday, June 27, 2014

Charlotte Mason Meet Cooperative Grouping

In a public school classroom, an alternative to whole class instruction in cooperative grouping. This is exactly what it sounds like: students work cooperatively in groups. What is the role of the teacher, what are the roles of the students, and how can one use the Charlotte Mason method in conjunction with cooperative grouping?

The teacher's role is to:
2)State the Learning Objective

Some students' roles include facilitator, timekeeper, writer/recorder, artist, reporter, encourager, praiser, cheerleader, gatekeeper, coach, question commander, checker, taskmaster, secretary, reflector, quiet captain, materials monitor, safety patrol.

Now for a question on which I'm reflecting: How can one use the Charlotte Mason method - which Ms. Mason did not design for cooperative grouping - in conjunction with cooperative grouping? For example, would Group Narration prove effective?

(For people familiar with Literature Circles, Group Narration would not be the same thing.)

I've only started thinking about this, so I'll post more after I've reflected a bit.

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