Saturday, June 14, 2014

Field Trip - Santa Monica Festival

"To invent, 
you need 
a good imagination 
a pile of junk." 
My three year old dressed herself today - in her Sully costume, complete with Velcro tail - for our field trip to the Santa Monica Festival, a community event that is held at a nearby park each year.

We started off by visiting the fire department's booth for a yellow plastic fire fighter's hat.

Next up, my daughter played in the "pop-up playground" made from cardboard boxes and cardboard tubes. The above quote is by Thomas Edison and was displayed at the entrance.

Worried that my child would be smashed by rambunctious boys jumping on top of boxes to flatten them, I pulled her away to the dance floor where she Zumba'ed for a good twenty minutes. We followed that up with a blue and green snow cone, two children's music classes, dribbling a soccer ball up and down (and up and down) the field, and dress up at a booth run by a group that does children's theatre camp.

My daughter hasn't napped all week, but this afternoon she slept for three hours!

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