Thursday, September 10, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up

1. Daughter and I played soccer while dinner was in the oven.
2. I ordered all of the supplies needed to make circuit bugs (from Steam Powered Family's blog) with my 4th grade class. The cost was about $100 for enough supplies for my class of 28. I'm hoping that we can get them done in the next week, in time for Back to School Night.
3. This little guy was eating a fig on the fence out my bathroom window this morning. Nature in the city.
4. STUDENT: I have glass in my backpack.
ME: Broken glass?!
STUDENT: No. This. (Student pulls out a jar of salsa, less than 1/3 full.)
ME: Why?!
STUDENT: To go with these. (Student pulls out a bag of tortilla chips.)
ME: Why?!
STUDENT: My mom gave it to me.
That was yesterday. The same student came into my classroom this morning holding a half-eaten can of Nacho Cheese Pringles with orange crumbs around lips, and got into line after recess holding a half-eaten bag of Funyuns. 

5. If you were wondering how Breakfast in the Classroom was going, this morning, one of my children had pulled a string cheese apart to make it look like it had legs and was smearing it all over child's desk.

6. My husband and I went to our Classical Conversations parent orientation. Our CC community starts Monday, and I get to go because it's an unassigned day (Rosh Hashana) for my district.

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