Saturday, September 19, 2015

Seven Quick Takes

Seven quick takes...
In Santa Monica, one thinks nothing of seeing a man dressed as a tree while out on an evening walk.
If you were wondering how Breakfast in the Classroom is going, this is typical of the amount of food I throw in the trash each day. And this is just from one classroom. Pictured here: chorizo burritos.

My four year old helped me make photocopies this week.
One of my students dressed in costume for his oral presentation on his favorite family tradition.
While I was outside with my students, teaching P.E., this green June beetle flew through my students, sending them running. I am counting the minutes spent dodging this Cotinis nitida as aerobic exercise. P.E. teacher hack: a piece of paper creates a tarmac for beetle landing.
We went to a pirate-themed Kiddical Mass bike ride. My daughter couldn't keep up on her bike with training wheels, so Pirate Colleen let her ride in her pirate ship. Thanks again, Pirate Colleen!
We went with friends to see A Midsummer Night's Dream at Theatricum Botanicum Friday night. Theatricum is the perfect place to see this play because it's open-air in the woods. DAUGHTER: "I liked all the fairies and all the people who acted." She saw the first half, frolicked with fairies at intermission, and then fell asleep during the second half. She's pictured here with Peaseblossom. (She went to Target and that's why she's wearing the strip cashiers put on toilet paper to make a handle as a Miss America sash.)

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