Saturday, September 26, 2015

Seven Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
This is our backyard. Monday night, my four year old and I took a two-mile beach walk at sunset.

Cycle 1 Week 1 of Classical Conversations includes Fertile Crescent vocabulary, so I used a Sharpie to draw this map on a piece of watercolor paper for my daughter to paint. I couldn't find anything pre-made that was simple and preschooler-friendly. And the best part? When she was done painting, she knew the names of all the places on her map! :)

In our home(pre)school co-op, the theme this month is Transportation. This week, the host mom had the little ones "read" the wordless book Journey by passing around a ball and letting each child have a turn telling the story. Then, the kids got to make their own boats with all sorts of fun supplies (pictured above) and float them in a big plastic tub of water. She even brought along Lego and Playmobil people to be passengers.

We checked these DVDs out at the library. They're called K10C: Kids Ten Commandments and there are 5 of them. (Each episode combines 2 commandments into one storyline.) I got them because we're currently learning the ten commandments in Classical Conversations, and I want my daughter to understand them in a preschooler-friendly way. My daughter really enjoyed the engaging storylines, the little boy main character Seth, and the musical numbers, and I thought the animation was top notch.

Sometimes you just have to do ballet down the street in a pirate mask.

Here is my daughter doing Latin. We're using Song School Latin and love it.

Our morning car ride read aloud is Winnie-the-Pooh, and Friday morning, while reading, I asked my daughter how Eeyore would answer, "Quid agis?" to which she responded with a pretend frown and slow, deep Eeyore voice, "Sum pessime."

In dance class, the four year olds have started working on third position, which they call "mousetrap feet."


  1. We love Journey and all other books by the same author.
    I am considering starting Latin. I will look into Song School Latin.

  2. Eva, you'll love Song School Latin! It's so much fun. The songs are cute and the DVDs are great. The cartoons with Simian the monkey are so funny. And I love Derivative River on the DVD. The book is easy to use. You don't need a teacher's manual.