Thursday, September 3, 2015


There is no school tomorrow, and I am so thankful for the day off.

I have some interesting characters in my class this year.

One of my 4th graders appears to have a severe reading disability. I'll call this student K. On the first day of school, K could not complete an All About Me page because K did not know what anything was after "Name." K could not read "My Pets." K sees the letter m as "nn," and therefore can't read the word "am" because K sees "ann." K sees the letter h as an "n" and as a result, K reads "had" as "nad." K sees bs as ds, ds as bs, and ts as Js. K came from a different school district, and I don't understand how K made it to 4th grade without anyone noticing this. On top of this, K appears to have ADHD. K is frequently out of K's seat and off task, and has difficulty standing in line without swinging arms and spinning around. 

Another student, C, has pretended to fall asleep in class twice. After I "woke" C the first time, C asked if C had time traveled. No, I answered dryly. C has scored high on quizzes and a reading diagnostic, and while good at retelling a story, can't answer under-the-surface questions. C has also cut C's hair during a lesson in which we weren't using scissors. C appears bored, so I gave C a book of logic puzzles and a dry erase board to use. C frequently doesn't hear me, and I don't know if C is really not hearing me, or just pretending not to. Loud me has a hunch that time-traveling C is doing the latter.

And there are 25 others...