Wednesday, October 1, 2014

This Week: Lungs, Dance, and More

Monday afternoon, a mommy-friend taught the home(pre)school group. This month's theme is The Human Body, and this week's lesson was about lungs. The little ones - with lots of help - made models of lungs using Aquafina water bottles with the bottoms cut off (Aquafina bottles are a little thicker so they don't collapse like thin bottles), straws, Play-Doh, balloons, and rubber bands.
Here she is at ballet and tap class...
 ...and taking a walk with Daddy around the neighborhood...
...and sick on the couch. This picture was taken after a long evening putting together Trader Joe's haunted gingerbread house kit. Mommy assembled and piped icing. Three-year-old decorated with candy beads, bats, bones, and jelly beans. We don't do scary, but we do like costumes and candy.

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