Sunday, October 26, 2014

Trick-or-Treating through the Natural History Museum

We went trick-or-treating through the Natural History Museum this afternoon.

In the North American Mammals Hall, a woman playing Mary Anning introduced us to a juvenile triceratops (designed with Jim Henson Studios). My three year old was a scared of the triceratops and wanted to stand at the back of the hall; it looked and moved as if it were a living creature. (Mary Anning did not discover triceratops fossils, but the character makes a great narrator for the NHM's Dinosaur Encounters, and the woman playing her was excellent in that she interacted with the children very well.)

At the NHM's entrance
My three-year-old does not want her picture taken.
When my husband found the penguin in the Bird Hall, I of course wanted to take my daughter's picture with it. My daughter did not want to be photographed, as you can tell by her crossed flippers.
Her bones weigh 6 pounds.
Trick or treating in the Dino Lab
Seated on her feet in front of "Mary Anning," learning "She sells seashells by the seashore."
Daddy holding Daughter in the Spider Pavilion
Here is what they're looking at. (Orb Weaver Spider)
Mommy, still dressed as the mommy penguin, is holding Daughter's costume.
The pumpkin decorating table was set up in the NHM's Edible Garden.
Pumpkin decorating with foam stickers, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and markers.
In addition to trick or treating, the NHM also had pumpkin decorating, mask decorating (which we didn't have time for - my baby penguin was worn out and fell asleep on the ride home), and a scavenger hunt (which we didn't do, but will in a couple of years). I really appreciate that the NHM made this event so kid-friendly.

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  1. The NHM is a wonderful place for adults and kids alike. It reminds me of an episode of MAD MEN where Sally Draper, while visiting her dad who lives in NYC, meets a friend at the Natural History Museum and as soon as she took a step inside, I couldn't believe what I saw: this is not NY, this is LA' NHM!!!!!!! It's silly but it really bugged me. This is a story about NY, the city is so important in that show, I was surprised that they thought people would not notice. Isn't the NHM a recognizable landmark? I hope it's not saying that NHMs are less recognizable because less important than art museums.