Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mind Blowing Science: Colorful Jiggly Crystals

What the My First Mind Blowing Science kit includes for making Colorful Jiggly Crystals:
citric acid
baking soda
red cabbage powder
polyacrylamide crystals
3 plastic cups
2 measuring spoons
stir sticks

What Mom needs to get from the kitchen:
a pitcher of water
a plate to catch spills

1)Fill 2 cups 3/4 full with water.

 2)Add baking soda to the first cup and citric acid to the second cup.

 3)Add red cabbage powder to both cups.

4)Pour 1/3 of the red water and a 1/3 of the blue water in the third cup.

5)Add 2 scoops of polyacrylamide crystals to each of the cups.

6)Cry when Mommy tells you that you have to wait for an hour to see what happens.

7)Help Mommy take cake out of oven. 

7)Make a collage cow.
8)Check your crystals.

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