Saturday, September 20, 2014

To Sew or Not to Sew

My daughter in her Dupioni silk christening gown.
My 3 year old wants to be a penguin for Halloween. She has said this every day for a week, so last night, I decided to shop for costumes.

When she first told me she wanted to be a penguin, I looked at sewing patterns and ideas for handmade costumes. But then she told me she wanted me to be a mommy penguin.

Every time I make a costume for my daughter, the fabric and notions ends up costing about $100. (I like the good stuff. When I made her christening dress, I used Dupioni silk. I had never sewn silk. I had also never made a christening gown, and I probably never will again.)

Our budget doesn't have room for two handmade penguin costumes, so our costumes will be store-bought.

While shopping for mother-daughter penguin suits, I came across this - my favorite - review:
"The wings have holes for your hands, if you need them for dexterity. I made pancakes while wearing the costume, without burning the costume or the pancakes."

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